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Enamel Wire Paints 
Enamel Wire Paints
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Qualified raw materials, advanced product testing equipment and the famous MAG coating equipment guarantee the stability consistency of production process. Advanced process control technology & equipment and stable product quality state is the most effective quality assurance in the production process of enamel wire. The excellent management and R&D teams who constantly absorb the various advanced experience and carry out the targeted development of products with different technical requirements according to different models of different customers to make the product reflecting the more suitable, more stable, more valuable, more suitable products to meet customers' requirements more widely in the application process.

Search criteria

Enamel wire paints comply with search criteria of JB/T7599;

Enamel wires comply with search criteria, such as, GB/T 6109, GB/T 23312, JISC3202, IEC 60317 and NEMA MW1000, etc.

Series products of high quality enamel wire paints
Series BPU 2155 Polyurethane paint, grade 155
Series BPU 2180 Polyurethane paint, grade 180
Series BPU 3200 Polyester polyimide paint, grade 200
Series BPE 4130 Polyester paint, grade 130 l
Series BPE4155 Modified polyester paint, grade 155
Series BPE4180 High temperature polyester paint, grade 180
Series BAI 5220 Polyamide-imide paint, grade 220
Series BCS6200 Bondcoats
Package type

The products with 200 L iron drums and 1,000 L plastic IBC packages are available.


1. The products are widely used for the coating lines of different conductors with circular, rectangular and some special structure cross-sections. It applies to the traditional heat exchange and thermal cycling horizontal and vertical furnaces, and also suitable for miniature single head enameling machines, all kinds of multi-head enameling machines and even pulling machine (vertical and horizontal). The different solid viscosity is corresponding to different models of mold felt.

2. Characteristics of polyurethane paint series: having good solder performance, its solder is best, its salt pinholes are minimum, and the process margin is the widest in the same grade of polyurethane paint.

3. Characteristics of polyester paint series: having excellent adhesion to a variety of conductors such as, copper and aluminum wire, etc., especially suitable for those with large gauge and excellent flexibility.

4. Characteristics of polyester polyimide paint series: having good mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical and thermal properties.

5. Characteristics of polyamide-imide paint series: used as the finish of composite coating, it has excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance. When used as a single coating, it has high heat resistance and scratch resistance. Used as the primer, it can significantly improve the adhesion.

6. Characteristics of bond-coats series: the series features are as follows: hot melt adhesive paint has low glue temperature and excellent bonding strength.

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