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Propyl Acetate
Other name: N-propyl acetate
CAS number: 109-60-4
Product standard: HG/T 4778-2014
Annual capacity: 50,000 tons/year
Structural skeleton symbol: CH3COOCH2CH2CH3
Molecular weight: 102.13
Boiling point: 101.6 ℃
Flash point: 13 ℃
Technical requirements
Measuring items Technical Index
Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid
N-propyl acetate, w/% 99.5
N-propyl alcohol, w/% 0.10
Water, w/% 0.10
Acid (calculated as acetic acid), w/% 0.01
Evaporation residue, w/% of water 0.005
Density,(20℃),(g/cm3 0.883~0.888
Chrominance /Hazen unit (Pt-Co color number) 10
Package type

Packed in steel drum, or transported in tank vehicles with stainless steel or carbon steel body.


1. It renders good dissolving capability to various synthetic resins, and may be used as an effective solvent for many synthetic resins, such as ethyl cellulose, nitro cellulose, vinyl benzene, and methacrylate ester resins.

2. Commonly used in organic synthesis, as solvent for paints, printing paints, etc.

3. Common dehydrating agent.

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