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Enamel Wire Paints 
Other name: 2-ethyl-2- hydroxymethyl-1, 3- propylene glycol, Tri- hydroxyl, 2,2- dihydroxy methyl alcohol
CAS number: 77-99-6
Product standard: Q/320682NUU 03-2015
Annual capacity: 20,000 tons/year
Structural skeleton symbol: CH3CH2C(CH2OH)3
Molecular weight: 134.17
Hygroscopy: hygroscopic
Boiling point: 295℃, under atmospheric pressure
Solubility: it is soluble in water and acetone, and also soluble in carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and ether, but insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon.
Technical requirements
Measuring items Technical Index
Appearance White flake solid
Trimethylolpropane, w/% 99.0
Hydroxyl, w/% 37.5
Moisture,w/ % 0.05
Acid value (to be calculated as HCOOH), w/% 0.002
Chrominance /Hazen unit (Pt-Co color number) 20
Crystallization point, /℃ 59.0
Package type

To be packed with plastic lined composite bag with net weight 25kg.

To be packed with plastic lined composite bag with net weight 500/1000kg.


1. Used as the raw material of synthetic resin, and also used for synthetic aviation lubricating oil, plasticizer, etc.

2. Used as the glycerine substitute, and also used for the synthesis of drying oil.

3. Widely used in the production of polyester and polyurethane foam, also used in the manufacture of alkyd coatings, synthetic lubricants, plasticizer, surfactant, rosin ester and explosives. Also used directly as textile auxiliary agent and PVC resin thermal stabilizer. And used in alkyd resin application, it can improve the resin's firmness, color, weather resistance, chemical resistance, and sealing properties.

4. Have the advantages of improving the firmness, corrosion resistance and sealing performance of resin, and have good stability to hydrolysis, pyrolysis and oxidation.

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