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Sodium Formate
Other name: Sodium formate
CAS number: 141-53-7
Product standard: Q/320682NUU 02—2015
Structural skeleton symbol: HCOONa
Molecular weight: 546.78
Appearance: it is white or pale yellow crystalline solid with slightly deliquescence under room temperature.
Technical requirements
Measuring items Technical Index
Appearance White crystal
Moisture/volatile substances, w/% 1.0
Organics (to be calculated as dry basis), w/% 3.0
Sodium formate (to be calculated as dry basis), w/% 97.0
Package type

To be packed with plastic lined composite bag with net weight 25kg.


It is soluble in water and glycerin, and slightly soluble in alcohol, alcohol, but insoluble in ether.


1. Used as the camouflage acid in chrome tanning process in leather industry, used as the reducing agent of catalyst, stabilizing agent and in printing and dyeing industry, and used for producing insurance powder, oxalic acid and formic acid. Additionally also used for the precipitation of precious metals.

2. The complex ion of trivalent metal can be formed in solution. It has a buffer function, so it can be used for calibrated pH value of strong acid.

3. Used for alkyd resin coating, plasticizer, high explosive, acid resistant material, aviation lubricating oil, and adhesive additive.

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